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Supporting the Game in Upstate N.Y.

About Us

Welcome to the Upstate Lacrosse Foundation. Created in November 2018, the Foundation is a 501c3 organization with a primary focus on celebrating the rich lacrosse history of Central New York and the Southern Tier.

This has been a transition year, with the closure of our affiliation with US Lacrosse and now being our own independent organization. Most of those changes were administrative in nature; the setting up of the new entity, website, social media presence, and the like.

Last year’s event focused on the Women’s game and their growing contribution to this area. This year, we focus on those individuals behind the bench, the coach. We have some of the best coaches in the nation who have passed on their knowledge and have very successful programs at all levels.

I would like to thank the Hall of Fame Selection Committee for their work selecting this year’s class as well as the Board of Directors who have given their time, sweat equity, and even a few dollars to help promote the growth of the game and the training of coaches and officials alike. I would like to especially thank those past “Hall of Famers” who have returned for tonight’s event. Lastly, I’d like to honor those individuals who are unable to attend due to health reasons or those who have passed away since the last dinner. Thank you to those “pioneers” of our sport.

I would like to acknowledge the recent passing of longtime board member Bill LeMon. Bill was a passionate supporter of the game and volunteered countless hours, helping grow lacrosse in the region.

We look forward to the new challenges ahead as the Foundation works to broaden our reach, strengthen our commitment to the growth of the game, and increase our visibility to our membership.